2012 Resolution #2: Finish a Novel and Write Another One

For the rest of this week, I’m going to discuss the goals I’m setting for 2012 and the plans I have for achieving them.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had made some changes to how Money360 is managed in an effort to free up time for other writing projects that I’ve wanted to take on. For me, first and foremost among these projects is the fantasy novel I’ve long talked about writing here on Money360.

Why haven’t I written it yet? Time, mostly. The ideas behind the novel float around in my head all the time, but turning those ideas into actual written prose is a time-consuming process.

Right now, the novel exists as a fairly detailed plot outline that I keep tinkering with, several character sketches, and one chapter that I’m not even sure will be in the final novel. It might actually be a prelude. Although the novel is self-contained, it could easily develop into a series.

I also have several ideas for a second novel that I’d love to write, one with a more modern setting.

2012 is the year that I’m going to write them both.

Obviously, the first step is to simply get first drafts finished of both of the novels. That in itself will take some time, particularly for the second one.

I intend to first draft the first one, then move on to making character sketches and a plot outline for the second, then moving back to the first for later drafts. This way, I give them both some time to breathe.

I have several test readers and a freelance editor lined up. This will help me polish these things up a bit beyond what I could do myself.

After that, I’m going to publish them. I’ve decided already to go the self-publishing route regarding these novels, and I’m going to be discussing them and promoting them at TrentHamm.com and on my personal Twitter, though neither is really up and going quite yet.

The exact plans for publishing are still up in the air at this point, but I will likely publish a Kindle version first and eventually do a print version. I am considering a Kickstarter campaign for it as well.

Such issues are secondary, however, to the primary goal. I intend to write two novels this year. That’s pretty clear cut. I’ll worry about selling them when that bridge comes.

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