The 3 Best Kansas Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Tornadoes, blizzards, and hailstorms — oh my! Kansas’s location in the Great Plains makes the state vulnerable to natural disasters and storms. It’s no surprise, then, that homeowners insurance premiums in Kansas are significantly above average. In 2012, the average annual premium in the Sunflower State was $1,213, nearly $200 higher than the national average that year.

To save money on your policy and receive the optimal level of coverage that you feel comfortable with for your home, take time to shop for insurance and compare policies. Premiums and coverages can vary widely among different providers, so to help ease your search, we’ve outlined the companies we believe offer the most bang for your buck when it comes to Kansas homeowners insurance. We’ve also included an online quote tool so you can easily get started with accurate estimates in your area.

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Upon comparing average annual premium data compiled by the Kansas Insurance Department, we found that Allstate offered the lowest rates for homeowners insurance in the state. In addition to being affordable, Allstate also offers wide coverage options, multiple discount opportunities, and a very useful online resource center, making it a great option for homeowners insurance in Kansas.

A standard Allstate policy can be supplemented with unique add-on coverages to allow you to protect what matters most — be it your sports equipment, musical instruments, yard/garden, home office, or electronic data. Allstate also offers specialty features like their Claim RateGuard, which ensures that your premium rate won’t surge just because you file a claim.

If you go claim-free for an extended period, Allstate provides premium deductions, helping you save up to 20% off your policy. Discounts are also awarded to customers who bundle their insurance policies, install protective devices, insure a new or recently renovated home, and sign up for automatic billing. If you’re new to Allstate, you can get another 10% for the first two years of being a policyholder.

Allstate’s value increases even more when you factor in their innovative online resources and tools. The Allstate website comes equipped with videos, articles, tips, and specialty calculators to help you navigate through homeownership with ease. The Premium Gauge lets you see how different factors, such as installing a fire alarm or renovating your home, can  impact how much you pay on your premium — helping you make smarter decisions to manage your policy and save.

American Family

American Family is backed by an A+ rating from A.M. Best for financial stability, has among the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and is one the most popular choices for affordable homeowners insurance in Kansas.

A standard AmFam policy protects your home against damage caused by fire and lightning, windstorms and hail, smoke, vandalism, and theft; as well as coverage to offset any extra living expenses incurred if you require temporary lodging following a covered loss.

Optional policy add-ons from AmFam include identity theft coverage, personal injury and liability protection, and personal property replacement. Customers who work from home in either an office or studio or operate a day care can also increase protection for these assets through AmFam.

American Family makes sure you receive the right rates based on personal insurance factors — the company automatically reduces premium rates for customers who have gone claim-free for at least six years and long-standing AmFam customers of over five years.

American Family also offers discounts to new customers and retirees over age 50. Additional savings can be added for bundling insurance products (home, auto, motorcycle, or life), installing home security and fire protection devices, insuring a new or recently renovated home, or having an impact-resistant roof.

American Family’s online Learning Center has a wide selection of tips on safeguarding your home, preparing for potential emergencies, and recovering in the event of a loss. AmFam tools like the Dream Vault, which allows you to keep a secure, Web-based inventory of your covered belongings, further assists you in efficiently filing a claim and getting one step closer to restoring your possessions.

Farm Bureau

The Farm Bureau is committed to forging personal relationships with customers and providing quality care to Kansas residents. The company’s Member’s Choice policy allows you the convenience of combining your home and auto policies into one — so you only pay one premium and one deductible for all your covered belongings. Loyal Farm Bureau customers can save further using the loyalty credit awarded to clients who renew their home insurance policies with the bureau.

The Farm Bureau allows you the opportunity to adjust your level of coverage depending on your living situation and budget. Valuable add-on coverage options include guaranteed replacement cost coverage, which pays for repair costs of up to 125% of the insured value of your home, and actual cash value coverage, which reimburses you for covered losses to your home up to its current value.

The Farm Bureau also extends residential equipment breakdown coverage, so you can protect home systems that are not otherwise covered under your homeowners insurance policy.

Contact the bureau to learn more about membership perks, policy specifics, and premium rate estimates in your area.

The 3 Best Kansas Homeowners Insurance Companies

  • Allstate
  • American Family
  • Farm Bureau

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Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

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