Getting the Momentum Back

This morning, I woke up and returned to work for the first time since December 21 – and I really, really didn’t want to go. I had thoroughly enjoyed being at home with my family, catching up on my writing and on some personal tasks, and just recharging after a very long 2007.

It’s hard to recharge and get going again after downtime like this, especially spiritually fulfilling downtime. I’ve found that the following things usually help me in getting back in the “earning money” swing of things after downtime – these techniques, especially on the first day or two back, really help me get the ball rolling again.

Have a healthy, fuel-filled breakfast I personally like a small bowl of oatmeal to start things off. I cook it while getting ready and eat it just before leaving for work – it warms me up and provides nutritional fuel for the day.

Keep something nutritious and sweet to munch at your work area (if allowed) I like to peel clementines (basically small oranges). I peel about six of them in the morning and munch on them throughout the day – delicious, and with enough natural sugar to keep the pep level up.

Handle all of your backed-up correspondence in one batch, then close your email program for the day. This usually takes me two or three hours, and leaves the rest of the day for me to actually accomplish work tasks rather than playing the email game. On a normal day, I check my email regularly, but close it when I need to focus on tasks.

Work on a one-day project that can end your day with a sense of success and accomplishment. The best way to return after a long break is to focus on a small project, one that can be accomplished on your first day back. That way, when you walk out at the end of that day, you walk out with a positive sense of accomplishment.

Spend your lunch taking a walk and eating something very light This triggers endorphins, keeps you awake, and lifts your mood naturally, and these are big things needed on your first day back after a break.

In short, one should return to work after a vacation seeking to amplify the aspects of the job that are enjoyable, and to tackle them with a positive and energetic outlook. This will get your return off on the right foot and make your first day back one full of energy, so you can keep maximizing your income and working for your financial future.

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