Ten Personal Finance Sites I Can’t Live Without #2: Free Money Finance

Money360 is celebrating this weekend after Thanksgiving with a review of ten personal finance sites that I visit every day without fail. These ten sites provide a large helping of food for thought on personal finance topics and my day wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to visit them. Please, give these sites a click.

Free Money Finance

When I was on the road to financial armageddon and started to realize that I might need to make some serious changes, I started searching for such things as “credit card emergency” and “budget new help.” One of the first sites that I found – and the first one that really drew me in and made me think – was Free Money Finance, and I still visit it every day.

The thing that sets Free Money Finance apart is how it builds on itself. Newer articles are constantly referring back to older ones, and those refer to even older ones. The concepts contained in the archives are ones that stay firm and true no matter what happens. Free Money Finance takes these principles and looks at them in different ways, making ideas that seem distant from you somehow seem closer and closer. Consistent reading of the site amounts to essentially a continuing (and entertaining) personal finance education.

Plus, it’s really easy to get engrossed in the archives there, with more than 2,500 pieces on various topics to wander through. I always wind up with plenty food for thought rumbling around between my ears after I visit the site.

In short, it’s a fantastic site, one that never gets old if you’re keeping your mind on personal finance topics.

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