Ten Personal Finance Sites I Can’t Live Without #3: PFBlogs.org

Money360 is celebrating this weekend after Thanksgiving with a review of ten personal finance sites that I visit every day without fail. These ten sites provide a large helping of food for thought on personal finance topics and my day wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to visit them. Please, give these sites a click.


There are a lot of personal finance blogs out there, with more appearing all the time. It’s hard to find new and interesting ones, so my method for keeping tabs on the personal finance community as a whole is through PFBlogs.org.

This site is an aggregator of personal finance sites, meaning that it collects brief summaries of the postings made at about seven hundred personal finance sites. When a new post appears on one of the sites, within an hour or two PFBlogs.org finds that post and adds it to the top of the front page.

What does this mean? A visit to the front page of PFBlogs.org will quickly find you the newest personal finance blog postings from all over the place. The content is usually good, too, because it only lists blogs whose authors have taken the initiative to have listed there and the maintainers of PFBlogs.org have approved. This means that there’s very little junk in there.

I keep close tabs on a handful of blogs by visiting them daily, and I have many more in my collection of RSS feeds. But I still visit PFBlogs.org all the time. Why? It’s the best method around to discover interesting new personal finance posts and writers.

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