Ten Personal Finance Sites I Can’t Live Without #8: Get Rich Slowly

Money360 is celebrating this weekend after Thanksgiving with a review of ten personal finance sites that I visit every day without fail. These ten sites provide a large helping of food for thought on personal finance topics and my day wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to visit them. Please, give these sites a click.

Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is like Old Faithful: day after day, an excellent and beautiful item springs forth seemingly out of nowhere. The author of Get Rich Quickly time and time again points out interesting personal finance topics to discuss, from saving up for an expensive and frivolous purchase to what sort of neat tools there are to manage your money.

The thing that keeps me coming back to Get Rich Slowly is the serious but human tone. The author often comes off like a friendly financial advisor: human and realistic, but quite serious about saving and budgeting. It’s often just the push I need to look things over again or approach my finances in a new way.

Even when I disagree with Get Rich Slowly, I still find it a daily essential read. It consistently uses a gentle touch to keep my mind on track.

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