The Best Career Advice, in Ten Words or Less

After the huge success of asking for the best money advice in ten words or less, I decided to repeat the experiment. About a week ago, I challenged my followers on Twitter to give me their best single piece of career advice in ten words or less.

Again, I was flooded with responses.

After spending some time digging through the pile of good suggestions, I picked out fifty of the best ones to share with you. To pick them out, I actually loaded them all into a spreadsheet, tried to filter out some obvious duplicates, and chose the ones that I thought were either really useful, worthwhile, or entertaining. A few of them break the ten word limit a bit, but all are very short, snappy, and valuable.


moneyhighway: Attending extra training opportunities and taking part in pilot projects.
editorialiste: Work to live, don’t live to work
moneyreign: Work for yourself.
awesome_john: Make eye with everyone, and smile.
PracticalNerd: No matter what you do, be prepared to work. Hard.
ObliviousInvest: Whether you realize it or not, you’re self-employed.
phdbre: I only need 2. Work hard.
FiscalFizzle: Jobs are targeted expressions of our current passion or responsibility.
CColeman802: Pursue only what you really love — you’ll be more fulfilled.
acousticdryad: Diversifty income, never rely on one source that could disappear.
randifity: Show enthusiasm for learning because no career is stagnant.
mmcgreger: Don’t just chase the money. Find something you love.
notquitebetty: Trust your gut, and find a mentor.
robbfulks: Stay out of collections, and your boss’ wife.
vasthatlunch: Never be afraid to take a risk occasionally!
tonyblacknyc: Reputation is everything.
princewally: Stop whining and do your freaking job.
MattJabs: Take time to live life before deciding upon a career.
esehe5: Pick your battles carefully.
sugarbandit: Get to know people in your desired industry.
John_Parris: find another concept to be the recipient of your allegiance.
pksmith: let love lead you and never fear the unknown or perceived threat(s)
centsiblelife: Your work is not just about what you know, it’s about who you know.
pksmith: Stick with your own experience.
Matt_SF: Find your niche, become an expert, then diversify your strengths.
MichaelBRubin: You may be underpaid now, but someday you’ll be overpaid.
jillianlou: If it feels wrong it probably is – move on.
lisefrac: Develop yourself as your own best career asset.
MoneyMateKate: Take an acting class, HUGE for public speaking/presentation skills.
stevesuhr: Get to know everyone and tell them what you want.
msimonkey: Don’t do anything you’d be ashamed to tell mom about.
stephonee: Keep a work diary: what you did/what you liked
thisisbeth: Don’t be afraid of change.
soundzdj: Dress to impress or for success.
roryboy: Follow your heart. work hard. success will come.
fcn: Presence does not equal productivity. Stay on task, work efficiently.
ryrobes: Don’t follow the common script, define ‘career’ and ‘success’ yourself.
ColletteCowan: Treat every day like it’s your first day at work.
YourWorkDone: Say what you will do, do what you said, then prove it.
RBotti: What would you do for free? Find a career there.
BudgetsAreSexy: Be nice to everyone, even if you have to fake it.
MaddenBible: Not Tomorrow or the next day, BUT Right NOW!
jane_meyer: If you work in an office: DO NOT wear t-shirts, faded, ripped jeans or flipflops.
lahondaknitter: Do what you love and you’ll never hate your job.
Coathalia: Watch what you say, compose yourself and be overwhelming honest.
myazngreenworld: Career and spending habits should be in sync.
The_Weakonomist: It’s not how many resumes you send out, it’s how many hands you shake.
jimseybert: Know what your strengths are and focus on them.
LouiseHornor: Your signature is your integrity. Never sign any false statements.
scottcolecfp: Be careful what you read.

Now, how about you? What’s the best career advice you can give in ten words or less? Leave yours in the comments!

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