Money360 Weekly Roundup: 9/11 Edition

Regardless of what you think about what has happened since 9/11, it was perhaps the last time in which the United States was truly united. Your political persuasion did not matter – what mattered was dealing with the tragedy and figuring out what happened.

Many of my friends wish we could go back to the “Clinton years.” I think it’s mostly a desire to return to the world that existed before 9/11, before an omnipresent terrorist threat – real or otherwise – was used to alter the direction of our nation. We all want safety and security, but at what cost? We all have different answers, and the answers were much easier back then.

Today, please take a moment to remember not only all of those who we lost on that day, but who we’ve lost since that day. Then, remember that regardless of the path we might choose to take to get there, we all have the same goal – we never want to see anything like it ever happen again.

Save your anger for the people who would commit such atrocities, and save the collegial debate for the people who want the same goal but may have a different path for getting there.

Save your frustration for diseases and ignorance and all of the other troubles of the modern world, and use patience and love with people who also want to see these problems eradicated but may be applying a different path than your own.

We are always stronger united.

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