Money360 Weekly Roundup: Accountability Edition

The best way to make sure that you actually achieve a goal you set for yourself is to let others know about it and ask them to help make sure you get there.

If their friendship is worth even a little bit, they’ll help you. They’ll ask you about your goal until you ask them to stop.

You’ll be motivated, too, as you don’t want to let down the trust and faith your friends have put in you.

For us, the best route has been to let our kids taste debt. Sure, I’ll loan you $2, but then you have to pay us a quarter a week for the next 10 weeks. At the 8 week mark, they don’t remember what they borrowed it for, but they still owe more. (@ )

The idea that willpower can be built up like a muscle is quite interesting. (@ )

It’s the achieving that’s the hard part. (@ )

Nurture wins in a professional environment. Nature? It’ll just burn people out. (@ )

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