Money360 Weekly Roundup: Black Friday Edition

I know several people who often use Black Friday sales as a method for reducing the cost of their Christmas shopping.

They do it the sensible way, though. They already have a list of a few items that they would consider buying for the people they need to purchase gifts for, and they simply cross-check all of the flyers and internet ads with their potential shopping list. They end up with a useful shopping list for their Black Friday. If nothing matches up, they sleep in and avoid the rush.

Today, I’m going to share some other tips I’ve found around the ‘net for managing Black Friday and Christmas season shopping, but first, one last great Thanksgiving-related link that you may want to bookmark before tomorrow.

Also, a quick note: there will be no Reader Mailbag tomorrow morning due to Thanksgiving, but they will resume next Monday as normal.

The Food Lab Answers All Your Thanksgiving Questions This is just a cavalcade of great advice for pulling off a successful Thanksgiving meal, and a successful Thanksgiving meal is one that doesn’t involve throwing money away in a food emergency. (@ serious eats)

The Myth of the Black Friday Deal I think many people perceive Black Friday as having tons of great bargains. Usually, the deals are pretty shallow, though – there are only a few items that really amount to a true discount. (@ wall street journal)

Six Black Friday Scams to Fear I am very, very dubious when it comes to buying off-brand computers, particularly on Black Friday. (@ laptop)

Double Saving Divas: Is Black Friday Worth the Money-Saving Hype? If you don’t have a plan, it’s not worth it. (@ madame noire)

Top 14 shopping tips for Black Friday 2012 Consumer Reports always offers good advice in situations like these. (@ consumer reports)

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