Money360 Weekly Roundup: Christmas Decorating Edition

This year, I’m learning about the trials and challenges of attempting to decorate a house for Christmas with a toddler running around. Hang your ornaments high. Make the plug-ins as inaccessible as you can. Do NOT make anything edible low enough for him to reach (bye bye popcorn strands – bye bye candy canes). We’re half-scared to put presents under the tree because they’ll be opened when we aren’t looking. Toddlers are whirling dervishes.

Anyway, here’s the best personal finance stuff I’ve seen come across my browser window lately.

I’ve often talked about the financial benefits of living in Iowa, but many pooh-pooh living in Iowa because of the supposed lack of culture. The New York Times is now talking about Iowa as a travel destination because of the interesting night life, particularly in Des Moines’ East Village. Yes, Iowa is both frugal and a hip place to be. (@ via bankergirl)

This post introduced me to the wonderful service, which I’ve signed up for. Lots of stores offer a price match guarantee – this site lets you just enter the product you purchased and what you paid, then alerts you if someone offers a better deal in your timeframe. Sweet. (@ )

It’s amazing how much financial “advice” is perfectly tuned to maximize the wallet size of the broker. Whenever you’re getting dinged on commissions, you’re losing money that you should be earning in returns. (@ )

My favorite holiday money tip? Develop a separate Christmas budget, then contribute enough to a savings account so that you have that amount when Christmas comes. (@ )

Money360 Retro: How Much Cash Is Appropriate To Carry? How much money do you feel appropriate carrying? It’s a balance of potential emergency need and risk of loss or robbery for me, but what’s that dollar amount that balances these two counteracting forces?

This really is great advice for people seeking a job – a lot of good material here that happens to overlap with next week’s portion of the book club. (@ )

The Cinnamon Bear: An Annual Holiday Tradition This is a fantastic frugal way to celebrate Christmas. I’ve saved this to my own computer so we can listen to it in future years at home. (@ )

This is a textbook example of someone really evaluating their career choices and coming to some potentially painful conclusions. (@ )

I agree wholeheartedly, and the Guitar Hero analogy is spot on. (@ )

Money360 Retro: Now That Aquafina Is Actually Labeled As Tap Water, Maybe We Can Look For Another Solution To The Bottled Water Issue I titled it to draw attention, but it’s about an important point: why are we buying water as a premium product when it’s a commodity?

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