Money360 Weekly Roundup: Christmas Decoration Edition

Over the past few days, my family has started the early December tradition of pulling boxes out of the crawlspace and decorating our home. The tree should be up by the time you read this, full of (mostly) homemade ornaments. The living room has been rearranged to make room for the tree, and we hope to take a family photo in front of the tree for our Christmas cards.

The Christmas season is indeed upon us.

Here, I’m making the argument that for small businesses, there is some significant benefit from getting supplies that they need from a local source. (@ )

Everywhere I look, I seem to see stories of people who came to the realization that, if you cut all of the unimportant nonsense out of your life, you can do great things. (@ )

My “wine on a budget” usually involves a trip to a warehouse club or to Trader Joe’s. (@ )

When you leave unused vacation time on the table, not only are you giving the company money, you’re also costing yourself money. (@ )

This couple is simply setting lots of goals for themselves and pushing each other to reach them as a very high priority. Together, they’re beating the financial game. (@ )

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