Money360 Weekly Roundup: Christmas Thoughts Edition

This week, I went through the archives of several of my favorite personal productivity and personal finance blogs and found some of my favorite articles they had written about the Christmas season. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Our biggest challenge, honestly, is limiting who we give gifts to. We have deeply enjoyed giving our homemade gifts to neighbors, people who provide services for us, and countless others this year. (@ )

I’m going to save a pile of this year’s cards for use in 2011. (@ )

This absolutely hits a home run in terms of expressing why I love real trees at Christmas instead of artificial ones. It’s the aroma. (@ )

I really advocate for people asking their police department for a “vacation watch.” (@ )

My biggest problem is a mild case of seasonal affective disorder that I seem to get each winter no matter what I do to try to prevent it. (@ )

The reason I write about Christmas so much is because it’s the best opportunity I have during the year to reconnect with a lot of people in my life and show them that they’re appreciated. There are many, many friends and family members whose schedules make it difficult for us to meet up, but almost all of us have time off at Christmas for each other. (@ )

Absolutely. Make some instead. (@ )

Even better, these are gifts you can give your children all throughout the year. (@ )

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