Money360 Weekly Roundup: Games and Drinks Edition

For some reason, three people have ed me within the last day or two asking me for suggestions on how to deal with drinks and snacks when playing board or card games with friends. They do make a mess.

If we’re just playing a game with an ordinary deck of playing cards, I don’t sweat it. However, what we often do if we’re playing a board game or a card game with special cards is simply set up a side table or two adjacent to the main one. We simply ask that beverages and snacks stay on that table. In fact, with close friends, we’ll sometimes use a chair or something else more convenient for this.

It’s a great little step to prevent someone from saying “Oops…” and ruining a $30 game.

The Generation Gap I’ll completely agree with the idea that many people in their fifties, sixties, and seventies have a vastly different perspective on pensions and retirements than I do. I simply do not have confidence that they’ll exist when I’m old enough to use them. The numbers just don’t add up. (@ canadian finance blog)

It’s Not Too Late to Change Your Habits It’s never too late to change their habits. It just gets harder to change them over time. (@ zen habits)

Simple Ways to Wake Up Ready to Face the Day Most of these actually work. I tend to be a morning person, truthfully. My focus is much better in the morning hours. (@ dumb little man)

The “No Spend Day” Challenge I found that doing this regularly made it feel more and more routine and normal, (@ frugal dad)

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