Money360 Weekly Roundup: Garden Update Edition

Several people have asked for an update on the status of our garden, so I thought I’d write a bit about it for all the gardening fans out there. Since we live in northern Iowa, our stuff is running a bit later than what you might find south of here. Right now, we have a ton of cherry tomatoes – I picked about four pounds of them yesterday and will be picking more in a few days. Our regular tomatoes are plentiful, but all still green. We’re beginning to harvest some strawberries, and all of the herbs are either being harvested right now or are already over the hill. We’ve harvested from the green beans four times and they’re starting to slow down. The carrots are still small – we pulled a small one on Monday night just to try it and it was very sweet, almost like candy.

That leaves the cantaloupe, which is the one down spot in our garden. It has a pretty significant blight issue, causing about half the plant to die off while we were on vacation. We watered it profusely and I trimmed away most of the dead material, so we think at least some of what remains can be salvaged.

We hope to have everything harvested by the end of September, and then in early October I’ll spread a batch of compost over the entire garden and give the annual section a tilling.

Anyway, here are some good personal finance articles.

Bartering – A Lost Art I think a big place to look for bartering opportunities is in your intrinsic skills. What are you good at? What skill do you need? Right there is an opportunity for bartering. (@ being frugal)

Young People Facing Increasing Financial Stress The most interesting piece of this post was a linked report entitled “Young People: Living on the Edge,” which surveyed more than a thousand 19 to 35 year olds and generally found that young people suffer more financial stress than their parents’ generation did at the same age. Interesting stuff, and I think that this increased stress is the reason that Money360 (and other sites) have attracted an audience. We’re feeling the stress together. (@ free money finance)

How to Become a Millionaire in Ten Years The “side hustle” is an amusing way to describe a small side business. My father had tons of “side hustles” and I’ve had more than a few along the way. (@ frugal dad)

Buying a Used Auto with High Miles If you just need an old car for the commute, this is definitely one way to go about it. (@ gather little by little)

I Married a Couponaholic This is really amusing and a good insight as to the personality conflicts between a person heavily focused on pinching pennies and a person who’s never done it before. (@ frugal in virginia)

Your Emergency Fund: What Qualifies as an Emergency? For me, an emergency is any completely unexpected expense that exceeds the flexibility in my current budget. Usually, it’s anything over $500 or so. (@ consumerism commentary)

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