Money360 Weekly Roundup: March Madness Edition

As usual, I submitted the same exact bracket to a bunch of different NCAA bracket contests. This year, I’m doing really, really well, though I’m not perfect. My bracket percentage is 90.3%, believe it or not, as I have guessed 47 of the 52 winners so far correctly. I guessed right on most of the big upsets (my only big whiff was Dayton advancing at all) and I correctly guessed that Wichita State wouldn’t make the Sweet Sixteen and my West and East regions were 100% perfect.

I’m worried about this weekend, though, because some of my picks assumed healthy teams. I have teams winning that are struggling seriously with injury and I have other teams losing that played much better than I expected.

Still, in at least a couple of contests, I am in legitimate contention for prizes. I think this is the best I’ve ever done through the first weekend of the NCAA tournament in terms of picking teams, so I’m pretty excited.

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