Money360 Weekly Roundup: Novel Update Edition

On November 2, I wrote about 10,000 words of my novel I’m writing this month. I was about to upload it, except we had some internet issues, so I decided to upload it the next morning.

I woke up the next morning, read some of what I had written, and hated all of it. So I started from scratch, re-drafting my plot outline and my character descriptions before starting over. My first upload of this revised novel finally happened last night at for the novel.


This post just goes to show that no store has the lowest prices on everything and no matter how much you shop around, some other place will have a lower price on the item you’re looking at. (@ )

I think there’s a nugget of a good idea here, in that people with large incomes may be able to tithe a larger percentage than people with lower incomes, but the idea as presented goes a little far, I think. (@ )

This is all about the perception of work when it comes to teaching children about it. The challenge I have is that if I don’t make clear at least some of the things I need to do, my children will just assume that I am always free to play with them. Why fix dinner when I can play Hey, That’s My Fish? Why do any writing when I can go to the park? (@ )

I usually handle this by having an “overrun” in each month’s budget. I basically add on about 20% on top of what I estimate I’ll spend in a given month, to account for mistakes and unexpected events. (@ )

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