Money360 Weekly Roundup: Pomodoro Edition

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the “” for time management. The idea is that you break your day down into 25 minute segments. At the end of each segment, you take a five minute break. Every four breaks, you take a 15 minute break instead.

It’s an interesting idea and I think for many people it would work well, but I tend to work best when I can slip into a productive zone for two or three hours. When I get into the flow, I don’t want to be interrupted every thirty minutes.

It’s always a good idea to try new things, though, so I’m glad I gave Pomodoro a whirl.

I have never lived further south than the Iowa-Missouri border, so many of these tips seem completely natural to me. A few days ago, I met someone who had never seen snow before, and I realized that these kinds of tips aren’t natural for everyone. (@ )

This is a good article to read if you’re ever feeling as though your goals are hopeless. (@ )

This is the only reason I wish I lived in a city. (@ )

Applause feels good, but feedback is actually useful. (@ )

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