Money360 Weekly Roundup: Printing Photos Edition

I’ve been experimenting with photo printing at home (related to an upcoming post). I’ve lost quite a bit of money simply mis-printing photos and trying new things.

My conclusion? If you’re printing a wide variety of stuff, you’re probably better off using a service. A one-off photo is fine. A bunch of photos? Find a service.

Excellent article. I have a follow-up post that I want to write, but it needs to percolate for a little while. (@ )

When I see statistics like “the average American watches five hours of television a day,” I shudder. Yes, I know that averages aren’t perfect statistics, but even if you have one person watching two hours and one person watching eight hours, that’s still every day. (@ )

This is an interesting way to look at your expenses. It puts those little expenses in the light of what they’re costing you in terms of financial independence. (@ )

This really boils down to the whole “supersizing” effect. If we’re already buying something, why not throw in more cash and make it a bit “better”? (@ )

While this article uses investing as the backbone, this is really true of any fear people want to overcome in life. (@ dividend monk)

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