Money360 Weekly Roundup: Recipe Research Edition

One of the fun parts of the new “Dinner with My Family” series is that it’s made me start going through all of the piles of recipe notes I’ve accumulated over the last five years, focusing in on meals we liked, meals that can easily work with my dietary constraints, and meals that are inexpensive.

As a result, I have this stack of forty or so recipes (so far) that I’m considering for this series. I’m really looking forward to making (or, in most cases, re-making) most of these dishes!

For starters, I wanted to share some of my recent contributions at OPEN Forum. These next four articles were all written by me.

If you own a small business and have an opportunity to help one of your best employees move to a better position, what should you do? Here’s my take on a difficult situation.

I overheard a customer at a local business go on an angry rant about that business being a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Sometimes, the customer just isn’t right.

“Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”? I think the right phrase to use depends heavily on knowing your customer base, and having the right phrase will help you click with your customers. Of course, “Christmas” is just one little piece of that puzzle.

I actually wound up pointing to only seven podcasts here while explaining how to find many other similar ones.

And now, some great personal finance links.

Groups and communities can be incredibly valuable and powerful. Here are some thoughts on how to utilize that power. (@ )

While I’m a bit of a foodie and would almost certainly upgrade this recipe a bit if I were making it, I give this article big props for showing a recipe, then calculating the costs of it so clearly. (@ )

Where I grew up, we had multiple multi-hour blackouts each year. I recall that a few of them went on for days. (@ )

If everyone came out of college with these twenty ideas firmly burned into their heads, life would go so much easier for them – and there would have never been a housing bubble, either. (@ )

Ask yourself this: is this person losing anything of real value in her life thanks to this downsizing? Then ask yourself this: why not do it before you’re downsized? (@ )

I enjoyed this interview, particularly since I was reading the book at the time (and I’ll be reviewing it Sunday). (@ )

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