Money360 Weekly Roundup: Site Surfing Edition

I read a lot of personal finance and personal growth sites, a list that changes all the time. My weekly links for this are harvested from that reading.

For the most part, I like articles that have an angle I haven’t thought of, have a nice human touch, or else express an idea very well, so that’s what I link to. If I find myself thinking about an article after I’ve read it, I bookmark it. If I find myself still thinking about it when I put this article together, I usually include it.

I also find that I tend to lean toward articles that I’ve seen linked to on the sites that I read. If I see a particular article linked to several times, I usually wind up reading it a few times and appreciating it for the same reasons that the people linking to the article appreciate it.

If a topic is valuable to you and you want to really understand it, you need to hear from lots of voices and angles on the topic. No one writer is going to always be right, and no one writer is going to be able to match your exact situation. Listen to a chorus, not a soloist.

Exercise Your Way to a Bigger Paycheck There actually is a correlation between the amount of exercise a person does and their paycheck. It makes sense, because exercise generally leads to more energy and a better appearance, which are assets for most businesses. (@ money ning)

9 Powerful Ways to Find Enough Time for Your Goals The big factor for me is putting the things in my life into some sort of hierarchy of relative importance, and then I give adequate time to the more important things before the less important things. (@ pick the brain)

Why Electric Cars Don’t Make Financial Sense It largely depends on the specific models you’re comparing. Obviously, electric cars are going to have a lower fuel cost and a higher up-front cost. Does that difference add up? It depends on the price of fuel and a lot of other factors. (@ beating the index)

When There Isn’t Enough The people around you are often the biggest help of all in times of crisis. The people that are there for you when the chips are down are the people you always want to keep in your life. (@ get rich slowly)

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