Money360 Weekly Roundup: Snow Shoulders Edition

I enjoy the process of shoveling snow provided that the snow doesn’t measure in the feet. It can take anywhere from half an hour to two hours to clear the driveway and sidewalks around our house (depending on the snow level) and it’s a good workout throughout.

The thing is, the snowfall here has been fast and frequent enough that I’ve been out there what seems like every day or every other day for a week. It’s been enough that this morning, as I woke up to go shovel, I noticed that my shoulders were still a bit sore from the previous shoveling.

Spring officially starts in fifteen days. I think I’m ready now.

For me, the best gifts are ones made with time and thought, not with money. My wife made pickled cucumbers using all of the stuff I like in them and that meant more to me than any gift she bought last year. (@ )

I generally rely on TurboTax for my tax calculations, but having a good understanding of what’s going on is incredibly valuable. (@ )

A thriving and reliable social circle is one of the most valuable things a person can have around them. Unfortunately, for introverts like myself, it can sometimes be challenging to build those circles. (@ )

If I give you one coin, will that make you rich? Is there some point where I can give you a single coin where you will then be rich? It’s an interesting thing to think about. (@ )

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