Money360 Weekly Roundup: Sunburn Edition

It’s the first truly nice day of spring here in central Iowa, so what do I do? I spend virtually the entire day outside, from not too long after dawn until sunset.

It felt wonderful – except for the sunburn. Even though I used sunscreen, you can tell at an immediate glance which spots I missed.

So goes the first nice day of the year, I suppose.

I really like tips like these because they usually involve one single effort up front, which is followed by residual savings for a long time. If I could do something once for an hour that would save me a quarter on every energy bill for the next ten years, I’d do it immediately (that adds up to $30, by the way). (@ )

For me, the two techniques that really work the best are to consistently set aside time for “someday” things and to constantly re-think my “someday” list and cross off the things that are no longer of interest to me. This keeps the list manageably small. (@ )

I think this is the biggest misunderstanding about frugality. People see it solely as a restriction on what they can do. I see it as quite liberating – it opens the door to doing and trying lots of things I would have otherwise skipped. (@ )

I think this is a really big key to procrastination. (@ )

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