Money360 Weekly Roundup: Teaching Games Edition

My oldest son is on a board gaming kick as of late. Most days, when he gets home from school, he requests that we play a board game.

He’s able to pick up the rules of many of the games in our family’s collection, more than I would have guessed a few months ago. We’ve enjoyed games like Lords of Waterdeep and Magic: the Gathering together.

Most days, I don’t even suggest playing a game. He just goes upstairs, finds a couple of games, and brings them out to play (or he’ll pick one he already knows). If there’s a choice, I choose the one that I think he’ll have the easiest time learning. We set it up and talk about his day while playing.

His sister is two years younger. There are some games she can play, but there are other ones where you can just tell the complexity is over her head at this point. Usually, we ask if she wants to play and if she does, we choose something that works well for her, too, like Blokus.

It’s a great way to spend some time together after school. It provides a ton of opportunity for conversation, distracts them just enough that they’ll open up about things they might not otherwise talk about, and it’s also simply fun to play games.

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