Want To Keep Up With Money360? Here Are A Few Options

First of all, I hope you’re enjoying reading Money360. I put a lot of work into this site on a daily basis because I have a passion for personal finance issues and I want to share the interesting things I learn with the world – apparently, you like to read it, too.

This post is merely to inform you of a couple of alternative ways to keep up with Money360.

Money360 by email If you’d like to receive Money360 in your email inbox every day, just fill in your email address in this form and all of the previous day’s posts will show up in your inbox. I know that with many of my readers, the comments are very popular; although the full articles are sent out in the daily email, you have to check the site for all of the comments. Thus, if you find an interesting post in your email, you can just click on that article and it will take you back to Money360, where you can read all of the comments left by other readers.

Money360 by feed You also may subscribe to Money360’s RSS feed, which is available here. If you are unfamiliar with RSS feeds, they are a wonderful tool for keeping up with a lot of blogs very quickly. Google Reader is a free service which collects RSS feeds for you, enabling you to browse through a lot of blogs from a single page.

Both of these options are available at the top of every page on the site: the email link is in the top menubar, and the link to the RSS feed is that nice little orange icon in the upper right corner of every page.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you stick around!

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