Why I Want A Home: Six Frugal Things That Just Aren’t Convenient In Our Apartment

As I’ve mentioned before, my family currently lives in a very small two bedroom apartment. We don’t have the room to do many of the things that I would love to do, frugal things that would save us a lot of money. Here are six things that having a home of our own will permit us to do.

Laundry Our current cost for a load of laundry is $1.00. Our current cost for a dryer load of laundry is $0.75. We also have no place to store our homemade laundry detergent so for now we’re using Tide, which is much more expensive per load. Given the amount of laundry we do, this type of thing is bleeding us dry.

Gardening Right now, our “garden” consists of two potted tomato plants. One of the first things I want to get when we have our own home is a compost bin where we can throw in some organic waste (coffee grounds, potato peels, etc.) and yard waste and have wonderful rich compost to spread on the garden, then plant a wide variety of plants in it – tomatoes, okra, eggplant, peppers, lettuce, onions… I can’t wait!

Deep freezing Our only freezer space right now is a small space over the top of our refrigerator. When we get a home and have a deep freezer, we will have it filled quite quickly. How? Well, for starters, I have a half a deer and a quarter of a cow – already processed, mind you – sitting in someone else’s freezer, just waiting for us. Plus, having our own freezer will allow us to prepare a lot of meals in advance and store them away to be popped in the oven as needed.

Canning Theoretically, we could do this at our apartment, but we barely have room for the process and have no cupboard space to spare for the product. I have a ton of empty Mason jars sitting in a spare room at my parents’ house, so the only cost once we get the space is the food itself (mostly from a garden), the lids, the water, and the energy. I love canning tomato sauce, whole tomatoes, tomato juice, salsa, jams and jellies, apple butter … such things were a major part of my childhood experience.

Storing Right now, we pay $40 a month for a storage locker which is about twenty miles away from where we live, meaning more gas expense when we access it roughly once a month. As soon as we have a house, no more – the entire contents of that locker would fit in the loft area of a good-sized garage.

Entertaining We basically have no way of entertaining more than one or two guests at once right now, and on occasion it has been necessary to entertain more than that, such as the event of our son’s baptism. In that event, we rented a place to use for a gathering afterwards where there was no place for food preparation, so we had to order food. With another child on the way, we don’t want to repeat the experience, so instead we’ll be able to entertain everyone at our home – far, far cheaper. It also enables us to have dinner parties, socialize, and build some relationships that we’ve not been able to build before.

Does it say anything about my personality that moving into a new home has me excited about ways I can save money over our expenses right now?

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